Student Testimonials

I have learned that I have never been what other people defined me to be — even the good things, because it was all external validation that was blocking my own view of myself. While this is a very hardwired perspective in me, through Gaia I am learning that rewiring is possible through the support of the plants, through shamanic journey, through quiet reflection. Over the course of the apprenticeship, I learned that miracles can be instant. I came into Gaia as a body disassociated from my mind — feeling very “last resort” — that overworking myself and submissive responsibility was the only way forward and that my dues would never be paid and my debts always mounting. I came into Gaia really tired. I wanted to shed the huge amount of shame I’d been carrying, but as it was so tied up in my understanding of myself and how I related to situations, I didn’t know how to let go. I just wanted someone to save me and do it for me. And I was saved. And someone did do it for me, but not in the way I was originally pleading. Gaia returned me back to myself. Brought my spirit back into my body. Reweaved my body back into my consciousness. I am still re-membering this — that my body is a safe place to be. That my body does not belong to anyone but myself. That my body’s right is to feel pleasure and be nourished. Over the past ten months I put in the hard work, the spiritual work, the time-and-commitment-to-myself-work to breakdown false barriers, look at my relationships to power and productivity, put my needs before the needs of work and expectations I believed others had of me. Midwife myself through transformation. I am still overcoming old, unhealthy stories, but it’s easier than it was before to begin again. I thought I was alone, but I wasn’t and I met myself and I saved myself. And I wasn’t alone. And I know I’ll never be alone.
— Sheila McMullin, 2019

I’ve studied Functional Medicine and Nutrition for over 14 years learning through innovative and Integrative doctors and scientists in conferences, books, programs, and have received certifications and titles, yet as incredibly powerful and full of amazing tools and information to support a more holistic, root cause, and whole person approach to healing beyond allopathic western medicine, none have gone quite as deep, as rich, or as rooted in the essence of wholly healing as I’ve felt through studying with Marysia in The Gaia School of Healing Sacred Plant Medicine and Herbalism Apprenticeship. It’s impossible to describe my journey these past 10 months, only that it’s been so sweet, nourishing and sacred, feels ancient and truly a re-membering of my being and how I can better move through the world and offer a more complete web of healing support to myself, loved ones, clients, and the earths body herself. My medicine is to weave these together, the potent threads of integrative nutrition and modern tools, with reconnecting us to the ancient power of our intuition, our connection to our body’s whispering needs, and using plant allies and nature’s wisdom to nourish this sweet vessel and soul. Thank you endlessly to Marysia and Sage, all my plant teachers and allies, mama Gaia, and our circle and family of witches carrying forth the wise woman tradition of healing in all our own unique ways. It is just the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the earth and her magic.
— Colleen Baxter, 2019

I had just finished a disagreement with a loved one. I walked to my car. Head down, tears in my eyes, sadness abound. Suddenly, I felt a presence and what followed was a whisper: ‘look up.’ I turned my gaze upward and there I saw these beautiful flowers dangling from a tree. Each one with their petals open to the source of their center. With a gentle gust of wind, a flower fell to my hand. At that moment, the tree and I had a conversation, one filled with adoration for the other: I admired the tree and how open her flowers remained, while she admired me and my flow of tears; both of us expressing ourselves. I smiled and felt so much better. This is what the Gaia School of Healing has taught me. Specifically, Marysia has shown me how to reinvigorate the connection we as humans have to nature. I have never felt so alive as I do now, largely because I feel so connected to the cycles of nature and fully know I too am one of her beautiful flowers. This program is meant for every being to rediscover their truth and their rightful place in the garden of life.
— Elyce Talavera, 2019

Going into this course I was a total NOVICE. I knew I was called to the plants, I knew I wanted to learn, to build a home apothecary, to make medicine. But I had NO life would be changed forever in the best possible way I could imagine. The teachings I received from our beloved teacher, Marysia- were healing, and inspiring, and sometimes jaw dropping, mind blowing, AHA moments. Marysia is the most selfless teacher I have ever known. She devotes herself to Gaia and to her students with a deep love and devotion. She is WISE beyond her years- and so humble. So, so, so, very humble. It was a true privilege to learn from her. After my 10 month journey in this course- I did build a home apothecary. I now have tinctures, and tonics, and glycerins, and teas filling my shelves. But ALSO- my shoulders feel lighter, my nervous system is calmer, my energy has improved, my days are spent with more mindfulness and rest. My eyes are brighter and my fingernails are dirtier.
Thank you Marysia, thank you GAIA school, thank you Gaia sisters and brothers, thank you Grandmother Oak, thank you Plumcot Farm. Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again. Blessed be.
— Mimi Karsh Narducci, 2019

I mostly have no words for how special I think Marysia is and how she has impacted my life. Her knowledge of herbal medicine is deep and comprehensive but her understanding of the spirit realm is even deeper. Through plant meditation, lecture, discussion, sharing, ceremony, ritual and pure love, Marysia took us on a 10 month journey into remembering ourselves as the magical healers that we have always been. She activated a “knowing” in all of us that we are here not only to tend to our own divine spirit but to never forget to tend to our beautiful Gaia.
— Monique De Loach, 2019

The journey as a Gaia Sacred Plant Medicine Apprentice has been such a deep dive into the self, examining all of the dark corners and hidden places within and finding where imbalances occur and where healing is needed. I had already been working with herbal medicine for several years, but this program took me far deeper than I ever imagined possible, introducing me to new ways of approaching plants as whole beings and honing my own intuition rather than simply memorizing a plant’s uses. By spending the past 10 months tending my own inner landscape with great care and learning how to listen, getting to know so many plant allies intimately (around 80!) and inviting them to work with me and bring their medicine, I’ve experienced a profound transformation. I’ve become empowered knowing I can support my health and make my own medicine that works far better than what is mass produced. I’ve pruned, mulched, and fertilized my own soil and have blossomed, fruited, harvested, and composted parts of my self and life. I feel confident I can help myself and others on the path of healing. I am in service to Gaia. I am so grateful. Thank you, forever!
— Rachel Jonte, 2019

Who knew enrolling into the Gaia School of Healing, it was more than learning about plants, hiking and medicine making. I truly stepped into the world of plant spirits, true sister/brother hood, folk medicine and a transformational spiritual journey. Time no longer mattered, communication with all life forms was honored. In reverence to this Apprenticeship and Marysia, my soul awakened on how to be humble and listen to what the plants had to offer, heal and step into my true self. As I walk forward in life I will always carry these amazing and magikal practices with me and bring them to communities that need this medicine.
— Raka Amaris, 2019

It is difficult to encapsulate the experience of the last year into words, but I hope to convey the spirit of the transformation that I experienced on the farm, with the people, and as a result of the rituals performed. To say that this is an herbalist apprenticeship is a gross understatement of The Gaia School of Healing experience. Yes, we learn about herbs, their profiles, benefits, uses, etc. We gain the tools to help others with our skill in plants. However, the medicine for me was tapping into the spirit of the plants and actually getting to know them on an individual and personal level. These plants saved my life! In addition to the plants, I found a home within the community, I found freedom and the opportunity to allow my vulnerabilities to flow. I uncovered blocks that I didn’t realize were present. I walked away with a new normal; a calm that has sustained me in every part of my life- personal as well as professional. This program opened a portal that I can jump into to commune with my guides and ancestors, the elements and the magical place in between worlds. As a result of my experience in this program, I create intention and ritual in every moment of my life. These practices allow me ~much like our beloved shamans~ to have a grounded foot in both worlds of the physical and the spirit.
— April Williams, 2019
How does one explain the complete transformation of one’s life in a paragraph? In fact, Marysia and the beloved Gaia school community has transformed our whole family’s lives right down to our pups! I knew the plants and pachamama were calling me and when I was sitting in meditation one day and was told I needed to sit with the plants. I went straight to researching where I could learn about them. I had to wait two years before a spot opened and it was BEYOND worth it!

Marysia in a true conduit of the Divine. Her beautiful spirit, intelligence, vulnerability, passion, compassion, knowledge that goes way beyond the physical realms, her intuition and her deep deep love of all that is seen and unseen moves my soul and brought my life to a centeredness I have never known. I am deeply in love with the earth, the stars, the sun, the moon, all life that is here to teach us, hold space for us and heal us. You will meet plant spirits in ways that will tickle your heart and wake your soul. They will become allies, friends and lovers and their innate intelligence will move your very being. Marysia will bring you on a journey of unknown bliss, deep healing in this world and open up new portals for new and deeper conscious ways of being.

Come join her on this miraculous way of being and watch yourself soar!!
— Krissy Welch, 2019

For years I followed the beautiful posts from the Gaia school with my heart full of longing to live inside those images of barefoot apprentices, gathered together in fields and gardens with baskets full of rose petals and wild weeds. Finally the conditions aligned in my life to make space for this dream to come true, and it has been even more magical, joyous and empowering than i could have imagined. My heart and mind are just blown wide open upon the completion of this apprenticeship; it has been nothing short of extraordinary to witness the spiraling journey into thriving and flourishing within myself and the incredible circle of people who have become my dearest friends. The Gaia School is a brilliantly designed 10 month portal of transformation, supported by the currents of the seasons, from the shedding of layers in the fall, to the winter dying back, spring rebirth and summer fruit. At the completion of this journey I find myself ripe with confidence and abundance; my cupboards are full of delicious, potent, natural medicine, and my heart is bursting with gratitude. As an art therapist and somatic psychotherapist for over ten years, I have lots of experience and formal training in mind-body-spirit healing, and I found the teachings of the Wise Woman Tradition of Herbalism to be a revitalizing addition to my education that has deepened my skills in holding space, nourishing my patients and empowering them to trust their own intuitive wisdom. It’s added a new dimension to my work that I am so excited about, and it’s been so cool to see all the ways that my cohort’s careers are shifting and transforming as they integrate this knowledge into their work and lives. Marysia is a masterful teacher who has an uncanny ability to keep it real, grounded and authentic, and at the same time channel some seriously magical cosmic wisdom from the spirit realms! She is ethical, egalitarian and kind. People of diverse genders, cultures, ages, and ethnicities feel welcomed and seen in her circles. I cherish the diversity of our Gaia community. Her own deep connection to the ancestral earth-honoring traditions of her lineage reverberate in her teachings. Her commitment to environmental and social justice is unwavering; earth activism rooted in love is interwoven within the ever growing community of passionate healers that seek apprenticeship with her. In times like these, it’s very easy to feel hopeless and powerless. Marysia’s teachings, and the Gaia community, have given me back my hope and my power.
— Oceana Blueskyes, 2019

The Gaia School Apprenticeship is a journey into a portal of pure magic, powerful transformation, and deep remembrance. Over the past 10 months, I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine about the plant world, the spirit world, the land and the sky around me, myself and my place within it all! Marysia is a truly masterful and loving guide. She creates and holds a safe and potent container each month and powerfully facilitates journeys into the realms of the plants and the spirits. The Gaia School felt like coming Home. My life and trajectory, along with the life of my family, have been forever changed by the wisdom shared and learned together on such beautiful land, while being held in the arms of a dear Grandmother Oak. This is a journey for those who feel like there is more to life than what we see around us, for those who crave a deeper connection to Gaia, and for those who wish to see deeper and more clearly into the spirals of the Great Mystery.
— Angela Frocillo, 2019

If you need and desire to feel supported, held, nourished & heard then this is the experience for you! It was one of the most life changing, sacred & eye opening experiences of my life. I wish everyone on Earth can participate in this journey. The world would be a much more beautiful and peaceful place. It is an example of our truest potential for ourselves and for Gaia. Yes, you learn the amazing teachings of the plants but you also dive deep into your soul to find the truths. You get out of the course what you put in, and I highly suggest you put your all in. It will be the greatest gift you give yourself, others, your ancestors and Gaia.
— Marguerite Nesteruk, 2019

My apprenticeship with The Gaia School of Healing was truly transformative and purely magical (and I don’t use that word lightly). The tools and knowledge acquired through this journey will last a lifetime, and catalyze endless creations and healing. I’m so inspired by the generosity, intention, and creative light that poured through our community during our time together. And thank you to Marysia for all of your teachings and wisdom. It was amazing to see how you’ve been watching, taking in and tracking each of our individual growth paths (that’s a lot of info to hold!). And, a deep bow to the space and energy you held during our final ceremony. I love you all and I love our community. A part of me is already grieving the fact that this journey has ended but I’m also excited to continue to walk this path with you all.
— Samantha Feld, 2019

There are not many words that could describe the experience of the journey with Marysia and my fellow Gaia sisters and brothers. It is a feeling, a spark, a magickal stirring, a whisper, a change that pulses through my veins. It was ignited the first day I sat in circle with my new family and as it radiated throughout my body, I felt myself slip into subtle transformations, deeper relationship with the world around me, consciousness of plants beginning to be part of me. This course is far deeper than anything one could imagine, it is a course lead by a wonderful teacher who holds space for you to reignite your connection and wildness to the Earth and Cosmos. Marysia and our plant allies bring us into a place of magick, a place of home, and of your true being. It is a journey that you have to feel to truly understand and that has forever changed me. A journey that is now me and always will be me. Thank you.
— Finnegan Jones, 2019

If your heart has ever longed for a connection you can’t quite put your finger on…or if you have ever heard the call of the wild thru a flower, the hoot of an owl or the tug of your feet down a dirt path then this school is for you.

I’ve spent a lifetime in half-connection with the magical plant world around me, but never seemed to be fully connected. The Gaia school and Marysia’s loving, magical and disciplined program opened my heart, freed my mind and showed me how to be fully present for the bountiful beauty and healing Mother Earth offers to all of her children.

Claim your right to walk this earth in reciprocity and abundance with all living creatures. Take your place in the circle of life as a human being that gives more than we receive. The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education will bring you home to yourself and the sacred earth.
— Cindy Saylor, 2019

Having the opportunity to journey with The Gaia School of Healing CA has shaped my heart and my life in ways I have yet to find words for. My experience on this healing journey landed me into my body with a deeper love and understanding of what it means to live as a Green Witch and embody a fulfilling, reciprocal and sustainable relationship to Gaia. I am forever filled with gratitude for Marysia, the sisters and brothers I gained and the life changing messages this journey has gifted me. This journey is an experience that will change your life and how you relate to the Earth Mother in ways that will embolden your heart and dreams for the rest of your life.
— Courtney Hein, 2018

The experience of the Sacred Plant Apprenticeship has been thee most transformative, beautiful, and deeply resonant journey of my life. I had been seeking a more fulfilling life path for years before embarking on this amazing quest. My 40+ hour a week corporate design career had me feeling like a square peg being pushed into a round hole. I just knew there had to be more to life than all that jive. Upon researching a few different schools designed around natural healing, which had always fascinated me, I found that they did not offer the natural garden outdoor classroom setting that The Gaia School does. The one thing I knew for sure is I needed to get outside, off the freeway and into nature. Thank Goddess I heard that call!! Not only was I surrounded by the beauty of our Earth as we all sat in the sacred circle together learning, I was also held by so many open, beautiful, like-minded hearts during each gathering. As we sat on the Earth with an array of plants in meditation I felt re-connected, free, and alive once again. Over the course of the 10 month journey I learned that nourishing the whole body, mind, + spirit is the way to healing and living a meaningful + joyous life. With help from the plants and their spirits, my chakra system has been ignited and nourished from the depths of my roots to the top of my crown. I have re-kindled the love for myself, our Earth mother, and for all life. I feel like the sacred circle is a prime example of how our entire world should be living…with love, connection, respect, compassion, openness, + empowerment at it’s center. I am beyond grateful for this experience and hold Marysia and the entire Gaia family so close and dear to my heart. Our circle is open, but never broken. Blessed Be!!!
— Kristen Luna, 2018

I carry all my gaia brothers and sisters in my heart, knowing that I will always have a network of love centered, earth lovers, healers, and witches with me. During my journey at Gaia, I was able to heal old heart truama, old belief systems, and gain confidence in my role as a medicine woman and healer. It was so comforting to authentically heal old patterns and shadows with the support of my gaia family. I also know that my time here was perfect timing since the apprenticeship began shortly after I gave birth to my first daughter. Going to class after the crazy experience of giving birth made me a better mother and partner because I had a space to connect with myself, earth and spirit. My life has forever changed for the best and I will forever continue to share Wise Woman Traditions through my everyday life. I have found my purpose. Thank you!!! :) <3
— Sam Rea, 2018

Gaia feels like bliss. Gaia feels like re-imagining new, better ways of thinking and being. Come in with an open mind and be prepared for a journey. The best journey you will take in Gaia is the one with yourself. The wonderful women and men I connected with will be a cherished aspect of my social network for many years to come. Marysia gives so much of herself and has power in her ability to hold space for a group of people from many backgrounds. The group meditations are remarkable. As the months go on, layers will begin to peel back, shedding and making way for the birth and remembrance of your truest/highest self. Old habits can be broken. New chapters can be written. Gaia is transformation and community. Gaia is safe and warm. A beautiful balance of linear/practical theory and plant magik. I would complete this experience again and again and again..
— Sukie Jefferson, 2018

When I signed up for the Gaia Herbal Apprenticeship, I thought I would just be learning about herbs. Wow, was I in for a joyous surprise! This has been an amazing journey into self-discovery and self-nurturing that has truly transformed my life. The plants reach into every part of who we are – mind, body, soul, and spirit – and heal us. The loving community created in the classes become your lifelong friends. The teacher and director of the California branch of the Gaia school, Marysia Miernowska, guides you impeccably, and with the highest love and regard for who you are. As a graduate of the Gaia school, I am now an herbalist, always learning, always growing, but fully confident in my abilities to connect with the healing energies of the plants and make herbal medicine with them. I hope you, too, will become part of the Gaia family. I am so excited to welcome you to this experience that will change your life!
— Judy Nelson, 2018

The Gaia School classes, Marysia , and my classmates have literally been life-changing for me. Not only have they connected me more deeply with the earth, which is so important to me, and introduced me to powerful plant allies, but have taught me ways to see deeper into my own needs and ways of fulfilling these to try to connect more completely with life. I will take those connections, my tools and especially my plant allies with me as I strive to live as fully and joyously as possible from now on.
— Rosemary Kaul, 2017

Ready to embark on a journey, that shakes you to the core and fills you with a deep remembrance of who and what you truly are? Ready to stand at the gateway of magic, empowered and ready to serve Gaia in the most extraordinary of ways? The Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeship with Marysia is an invitation to Remember…Reclaim…and Rewild who and what we are as medicine wo/men, green witches, herbalists, alchemists and infinitely more! Magical blessings…
— Ali Sun Trees, 2017

This course has changed my life. From the very first gathering, I knew that I had stepped into a magical container of deep connection, remembrance and community. Every time I travelled to class a buzzing feeling would take over my body, as I knew my spirit was about to be filled in such a profound way. As we met in sacred circle the world slowed down enough for us each to access our own individual healings; to hear the whispers of mother earth and the plants, and to hear the whispers of our hearts. Deep connections were made as we moved from strangers to sisters and brothers. There is so much medicine in the wisdom and revelations of our fellow green witches. And our magical goddess and teacher Marysia is truly gifted and suited to lead this journey. She created and held space for us with confidence, unconditional love, pure joy and vibrancy. This course has blown my heart open in the most beautiful way. It has introduced me to the simplicity and power of folk medicine, reminded me of my connection to our Great Mother Earth, empowered me to share plant medicine with my community, and healed me on many levels. I am so deeply grateful for this experience.
— Nicole Sessions, 2017

This course has truly been life shifting in the most positive way for me. Prior to Gaia, I had taken many classes over a period of a few years where I learned the basics of medicine making, flower essences, and essential oils. I had a yoga practice and started to lean toward sound healing and breath work. But, I was never able to bring all modalities together; alchemy and spirituality, intuition, sound and ritual, spell work and energy work. Medicine making took on a completely different meaning where intention, meditation, and cleansing took place before I even began to mix anything together. I now include song, smoke, and prayer into my medicine, which has given it so much more meaning and potency. I was afraid to forage before Gaia, feeling disconnected from plants. They felt like a mystery I had much reverence for, but felt uncomfortable communing with for lack of education and not knowing how to ask. I didn’t pay attention to the rhythms of nature the way I do now living in a city. Just speaking to the plants, smelling them, honoring them, asking them permission, and thanking them with prayer and offering has made me feel so much more connected to the Earth. Since I was a child I knew I was a witch and waited to receive my powers. But now I realize that they were there all along. I always felt comfortable and connected to the mysteries that we couldn’t see in between worlds, and now I am so grateful to find strength in a community which Gaia has given me. Even though I have traveled cross-country for our time together, I feel I have a support system from the most open and beautiful people. Honoring myself and allowing this part of me to be open has attracted other like-minded people wherever I go. There is definitely strength in numbers and I feel like this is just the beginning of my journey.
— Jacqueline Zajdman, 2017

In class one day, our head Wise Woman and beloved Marysia, shared the story of Osiris’ death at the hands of his jealous brother Seth who chopped him up into pieces and scattered them across the earth. According to the story, Isis searched far and wide for the pieces of her beloved husband and was able to find all pieces but his penis. Marysia expressed how it was love which gave Isis the power to literally “re-Member” Osiris.

This story and moment of remembrance sparked a new light of understanding within me. It highlighted how the Gaia School of Healing was allowing me to “re-member” myself through the real and only absolute power – LOVE! It’s an apprenticeship that beckons you to die several ego deaths, so you may free yourself of the scattered parts of your personality that may have been lost and now must be reassembled into your true constitution. It’s a magical experience that connects us to plants, their spirits and our four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), as a means of learning how to heal and nourish ourselves into wholeness.

I am blessed to have undergone this experience and while I will not be scattering pieces of me any longer, I will be scattering seeds of Love with aim of healing our Mother Gaia and her children into wholeness.

And so it is!
— Jessica Perez, 2017

Coming into the Gaia School of Healing I didn’t know at all what to expect. I just knew that I was finally open to this almost hidden knowledge not many talk about and there was a yearning for connection to something deeper and greater than I have come to know. I wanted to connect to alternative way of being.

My experience through this process has been beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. I wasn’t even close to aware of how disconnected I was from the Earth before on so many levels, hence disconnected from my Self. Every month helped me dive deeper into this vast pool of my Soul, discovering so many little hidden parts I never knew existed before. I felt my heart opening and seeing the world in such a new point of view. I felt what it’s like to have a community of people where you can share your deepest feelings with no judgment or prejudice, but deep love and compassion. Every month and every chakra journey was being brought to my attention in my daily life and experiences. I started noticing the magic which I know I’ve had glimpses of before, but now it was more apparent, more present only because I was seeing with new eyes and not tons of layers and veils covering them. I know now how to pray or more so how to connect to praying, when before it was such an impossible task for me to do. I notice the Earth in all it’s ways and seasons and transformations and I feel interconnected with her into my own evolution. In love and awe of the sweet darling plants and all they can nourish and provide. In awe of how we are our own healers and we can bring our bodies and beings into wholeness. We are our own medicine.

Above all the most important thing for me that I had learned is to Trust. Trust my own self, my intuition. Listen to my inner voice and listen to the universe. Abundance of light and transformation is provided for me to discover every day. Every day is a gift. I feel more confident and loving to myself and this soul of mine is setting itself freer. I am learning to breath deeper and Trust this crazy beautiful journey called life.

For those who are interested in taking on this journey, I’d just say one thing- be completely open, it all comes in its own right, magical time.

Thank you for bringing me Home every month, my loving teacher. I will forever hold you in my heart with reverence and so much love and appreciation for your wisdom and endless guidance.

Thankful for the plants and their endless teachings and sweet messages. They will be forever my guides on this path of life.
— Mila Todarova, 2017

Attending the Gaia school of Healing California Branch has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The amount of wisdom, connection, love and beauty gained in the last 10 months have been deeply valuable to my well being and growth. I felt like I found Solace and home in those teachings and in the community we created. I am beyond grateful for Marysia and Sage who dedicate their lives to enriching peoples lives and healing the world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Milena Ovseevich, 2017

Studying sacred plant medicine with Marysia was a life-changing experience that I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to deepen their connection to self, plants, and mother earth. Each class meeting felt like a peaceful, healing retreat where I was surrounded by loving, compassionate students and teacher. Marysia taught us to “remember” the wisdom that is already inside of us, passed on through the generations by our ancestors. This class helped me to deepen my connection to my Native American ancestors. I fell in love with so many herbs, some that were brand new to me, and some that were old friends I now experience in a different way. I learned so much about the medicinal, energetic, and spiritual qualities of the plants, I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and wisdom I gained from Marysia and the Gaia school!
— Tricia Ainsworth, 2017

I had called out to the world, to the universe, to the divine for such an opportunity that would deepen my connection and relationship with beloved plants. I asked Goddesses for the fulfilment of my prayers. I asked Grandmother Ocean for guidance. I asked Mother for a mantra for compassion. They all heard my calls. I received their blessings. I also received the blessings of White Sage for she was my messenger. I continued to receive blessings from many spirits for such an opportunity. It was the divine and perfect time for me to receive the apprenticeship. It almost seems as if it was a burst of energy that led me here to this journey and it is so. If you feel this energy, know that you are being called and guided.

I cannot put into words the beauty of plants as this must be felt in your heart. I can say that they will change you and your life because they are unconditional love of what is the heart and soul of everything. They are our sacred teachers. I had envisioned myself as an apprentice of plants and that I am. However, I also became a sister in our sisterhood and sacred circle. I received healing from and with my sisters. They taught me how to love and open my heart once again to human beings. I see divine light in the eyes of my sisters that I am encouraged and motivated to claim myself as a goddess that I know we all are. I do forget how much I have grown on this journey as I am already her. I still have much more to grow but the possibilities and potentials are already present within my heart. I am thankful and grateful for Marysia as a teacher for following the calling of her heart on her journey. I am also thankful and grateful for her love, support and guidance on my journey. Marysia is a beautiful sister and goddess!
— Vicki Wong, 2015

Connecting with Marysia and the beautiful plants has been so magical, a truly transformative experience that has been a catalyst for healing on a deep level. Marysia is able to create a space that is both safe and sacred, thus allowing individuals to experience the wisdom and love of these amazing plants and herbs. Marysia brings joy and passion to her teaching that is contagious. I feel like my soul and physical body have been touched with such nurturing and nourishment that my very essence has been affected. My understanding and knowledge of healing has also greatly expanded, which is tremendously empowering!
— Dana Baer, 2015

It was an amazing experience. I met amazing people and made strong connections. I learned how to relate to plant on a different level through meditation. Every weekend was like a magical retreat in breathtaking Topanga canyon or Marysia’s sacred place. I learned so much about medicine making and made so many during class. And I feel very confident and comfortable doing it. I still need more practice with meditation and how to communicate with plants, it is why I am registering to the next class with Marysia and I miss the company of those amazing women/ witches. I was able to share the knowledge I learn with the children in my preschool and made some medicine with the plants we foraged in the garden. I am very grateful with this experience and recommended Gaia school and Marysia to all my friends.
— Nicole Bertholet, 2015

Through this apprenticeship, meditating and working with the plants, I have learned to open up to my internal voice; to listen deeply to my heart. I have stepped out of my own way, allowing blockages to open and my essence to flow magically and freely. I have let go of past judgements of myself, others, ideas, and expectations; knowing that my ancestors, plant spirit allies and guides will support me along the path of my personal passion and creativity... My True Destiny, as a Green Witch and Goddess of Gaia.
— Nicole Treadaway, 2015

I started this course with a simple desire to connect more deeply with the plants and the local landscape. How this transformation unfolded and to what magical degree I could not have anticipated, and yet undergoing the experience was like a discovery of long lost treasures, an opening of dormant buds, a kind of coming home. I strengthened my relationship to the plant realm and my own mind-body connection; I committed to a life path of healing and plant spirit bonding; I met new plant teacher allies and profoundly deepened my trust in the benevolence of the universe; I witnessed how powerful a group of heart connected women are capable of being. These are all incredible blessings I’m still learning to receive with deep gratitude and a sense of enlivened responsibility that continues to shape and magnify. This course has helped me ground myself in a nourishing spiritual practice. ItÕs opened up new channels of knowing, sensing, and communication. Marysia has a piercingly strong connection to the plant realm and an incredible ability to hold space for others to journey with her. Under her guidance we learned invaluable life tools and wisdoms that are ready to be reclaimed. I’m incredibly honored to have these teachings passed on to me.
— Saewon Oh, 2015

This journey and apprenticeship has truly been life changing. I am so grateful for you, Marysia and the Gaia School of Healing. I feel like I am finally on my path and doing what I was put here to do and learn. The plants, herbs and nature have been the greatest teachers. They are so unconditional with their love and support that it blows my mind. We are all meant to be using the earthÕs gifts for our well-being but somewhere along the way the information about the plants and plant spirits got lost. I am so grateful that you have restored this knowledge to me Marysia.
— Ashley Dudas, 2015

This apprenticeship has brought to life a beautiful world that I always knew existed, filled with magic, wonder, connection and community. In the foundation of all these wonderful supports, lives the plant spirit world that so graciously opened up to me. The presence I have learned in this course has transformed how I approach life. The friendships I have developed with these beautiful women and these amazing plant spirits has empowered my abilities to intimately connect with the world around me. Moving from the root to the crown was such a pleasure. I was able to dance with the flow of energy that runs through my being and intently connect as a deep relationship with my self grew. Marysia has been the most wonderful guide through this journey. Her energy creates a loving space to freely discover the Beauty of Plant Spirit Medicine. She has the essence of a butterfly, gentle and free flowing, as she inspires transformation. Her spirit sings out like a confident rose, captivating all your senses and bringing you to a space of peace and openness. She takes the journey with you, holding the container with such reverence, growing herself as well. Infinite thanks to what this experience has given to me. Hear the call, and follow your heart! You are a journey worth taking!
— Rhiannon DeStefano, 2015

I really enjoyed our sacred time together with plant spirits, with elements, with each other. The container of our sacred womens circle was able to hold all that was happening with us through our journey seeing my own healing happening and the transformation, blossoming of others was priceless experience in trust. It is not only the knowledge, and we did learn a lot, but the visceral, first hand experience of the communion with the spirit within ourselves and with the spirit of each of our plant family we sat with that is magical about this journey. It restores the trust in life, restores the trust into the possibility of great healing that is so needed for our humanity and our planet. We are truly abundant already, as all is given for each one of us to be thriving in our world. All the healing and joy are within us and Mother Gaia is lovingly providing us with the plant allies to help us embody this truth: we are just the last ones to remember, and this course facilitates exactly that the return to the truth of who we really are and of interconnectedness and sacredness all the life around us.
— Irina Farber, 2015

I’ve learned about chakras! What they are, their role in my physiology, herbs associated to each and how to open them and what it feels like to have them be open. I’ve also learned about spirit, ritual, and gained a much deeper sense of plant beauty and magic. I’m now a novice at Wise woman tradition, and incorporating ritual, and meditation. I learned how to have a home practice of these, and how to bring them into my daily life in a practical and meaningful way.
— Sharon Ben-Tal, 2015

I studied under Marysia Miernowska in a nine month herbal course along with 16 other students. Saying she is great teacher doesn’t come close to describing her. Marysia leads by example and she teaches from many modalities. We learned through direct experience and interactions with the plants, through reading and resources, through hands on making of herbal medicines and more. She draws from the wisdom of master teachers in her life as well as the Wise Woman tradition handed down through the ages. She encourages her students to take in the essence of all they come in contact with, to have reverence for nature and to be responsible stewards of the earth. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is ready to step into the magical realm of plants and be guided by this beautiful mentor.
— Sherri Delaplane, 2015

The Gaia School of Healing has rekindled a spark deep inside me. This spark, now lit, only wants to shine brighter and burn deeper. The teachings are more like rememberings, it’s as if the knowledge has always been within me and with the sacred space we create with Marysia everything is able to bubble up to the surface reveal itself. The plants are magical allies that yearn to share their medicine with us and help heal us. This journey is one I am so grateful I began. The world that opens up is precious, unlimited, everyday, in the here and now, infinitely conscious, and Divine. Marysia is caring, patient, supportive, experienced, learned, and guides in a powerful and empowered way.
— Tasha Rein, 2015

If I could describe this course in one word it would be: empowered! It has shown me that no matter what, when I feel the most alone or lost, I have the earth and all her gifts to love, support, and provide. If I give to her, she will always give back. I am not alone, we are all connected and there is always hope. I have the power, courage, and strength to provide for myself in anyway I need; through manifestations, energy, and inner power, I can find the solutions to any area of challenge or growth. I can heal myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
— Laura McNaughton, 2015

The course reminded me about the beautiful connection between plants and people. I feel more connected with myself and the earth. This magic course helped me fall in love with my kitchen and cooking and to create things with my hands.
— Mona Vasquez, 2015

The Gaia School of healing and Earth education has reminded my soul why I am here. It has provided a safe loving space to unblock my energy points and to allow healing to take place by these plants. This Journey has been so beautiful and life changing. I am so grateful for this knowledge and ancient traditions for it has taught me self love and love that has to be shared with others. These ways are important to pass down to the next generation of kids. So blessed to be apart of this movement here on the West Coast.
— Ambar Cruz, 2015

I have been looking for a school and an inspiring teacher like that for 15 years. I have been taking many classes from many different amazing sources, on line, with renowned herbalists and foragers. I am two classes away for having a Master in Herbology from Trinity School. But I was looking for something more, I was looking for a school where I could have all the experiences together. I wanted more relevant knowledge, exposure to plant and nature, hands on activity of medicine making, and spiritual, shamanism experience. And I got so much more from her classes, they occurred in beautiful places in Santa Monica and Topanga Canyon where you feel very connected with nature, beauty, and spirituality. Every weekend is like a retreat where the world stop and connection begins. My life style has change my apartment is full of plants, tincture, oils, vinegars and cordials. My evenings are filled with meditation and new books and lectures to read. My friends, family and colleagues are drawn to take herbs and try new ways. My connection with plants have deepen and are much more intimate and reciprocal. I learn so much more in only 6 classes, and it just the beginning. I am even thinking of reenrolling for the next year, I just don’t want it to end.
— Nicole Bertholet, 2014

The Wise Woman Tradition taught by Marysia Miernowska at the The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education California Branch will not only prepare you with the tools, knowledge, and expertise of becoming a gifted herbalist; the apprenticeship ignites your intuitive abilities to re-kindle, re-connect, and re-member your relationship with the divine energies of plant spirit, yourself, and your greater community. If you are serious about exploring and excelling in herbal healing medicine, then, without question, look no further - you just found the ideal school.
— Lucia Marano, 2014

It’s hard to explain in writing how happy and grateful I am that I’m in the apprenticeship with Marysia at the Gaia School. For months before our class started, I struggled with whether or not it was the right thing for me to do. I don’t have tons of extra money, and my husband thought it sounded really out there. But something in my gut told me I had to try it. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! The apprenticeship has changed my life in many amazing ways that I never could have predicted. If you are feeling drawn to the course but have doubts popping up, I encourage you with all my heart to go for it!

Marysia is an amazing woman who radiates magic and love. I feel so lucky to be learning from her! And from all my sisters in the class- we so much learn from each other. Our circle is such a strong support system. These women have inspired me to stand in my own truth, and to embrace and love myself and others. I treasure having a space where I can be vulnerable, and be present so other people can feel safe to be vulnerable. The apprenticeship has helped me deeply connect with the plants, and with all of nature in a way I had only dreamed of. I’ve always known that nature is alive, and that we are born knowing how to have a real, sacred relationship with the natural world. But our culture has forgotten how to that works, so we aren’t taught how to find and nurture that relationship. The apprenticeship will teach you how. It’s so fun and so natural and feels so good! It feels like coming home.

Since becoming a student at the Gaia School my whole life is more full of joy, love, and gratitude. Gratitude for the beautiful, generous plants, for the Earth, for my sisters, for my family and friends, for the gift of being alive! PS- My husband is into it now.
— Alison Blickle, 2014

I’ve attended two of Marysia classes here in L.A. I was naturally drawn to this class because I have always had an interest in plants as healing agents and allies. I have already taken classes that focus on Native Plants and practices. There are a few things I really appreciated about Marysia’s class. In particular, I appreciate that she weaves in the wise woman tradition. I especially found her style of teaching valuable. The class feels ceremonial. There is an altar in the center and we are gathered in a circle around it. She first opens the circle to call in the energies of the cardinal directions. This is done collectively as we all participate and contribute with our indivudual intentions. What I value about Marysia’s approach in sharing the plant knowledge is that she imparts an emphasis on the how the plants, as our allies, teach us. Marysia guides us to introduce ourself to the plants, and reminds us that through our senses and consciousness we have the potential to tap into the consciousness that the plants have to share. Not only is knowledge shared about the physical health benefits of the the plants but the spiritual benefits as well as she relates them to the chaka system. I’ve met plants in her classes who I have now integrated as part of my life!
— Joy A. Anderson

Magical. It opened my heart to receive mother-earth’s message.
— Jose Pasio

I was a stranger in town until I discovered Marysia Miernowska’s seminars. The first seminar I attended was held in a sacred garden where Goddesses meet. The experience was so magical. I thought I had discovered a community of the Scottish Sidhe, a magical race of people who guard the natural earth. Recently, I attended my second seminar led by Marysia Miernowska. This herb seminar was held in a meadow as the birds sang among the new green growth of spring. We drank herbs and welcomed the equinox. I drink Marysia’s herbs every day because her herbs are better than vitamins. Marysia’s seminars are filled with herbal wisdom and can be a soul shifting experience. I try never to miss any seminar that Marysia is leading.
— Judy coffin Rozzelle

I’ve had the opportunity to be in a couple of workshops with Marysia Miernowska and they have been wonderful experiences that helped me remember the magic of nature! Marysia is a goddess able to inspire the most skeptical. Learning about plants and starting to understand the language they speak is a beautiful way to open our awareness to the consciousness that surround us and at the same time, helps us connect with the deepest part of ourselves. I can’t wait for the Plant Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship coming this fall!
— Isabel Vasquez

Participating in Marysia’s transformative Sacred Plant Medicine workshop has been a beautiful gift. Her workshop has helped me gain a greater understanding of the myriad ways to naturally nurture and heal my body with plants. I feel deep gratitude not only for the knowledge Marysia shared, but for her enthusiasm and passion for these powerful medicinal plants. The sacred space created for her workshop was so full of love, beauty and magic. Savoring damiana tea under the sun, surrounded by majestic trees only enhanced this feeling of fullness and tranquility. As I emerged from the workshop, I felt great joy as I was going home with bags full of herbs and jars full of love.
— Sara Mangano

Thank you so very much, once again, for sharing your incredible wisdom! I love the way Marysia provided a complete experience for us to really connect with the plants in a way that I’ve never done before. How wonderful it is to know that the earth truly does give us everything that we need for healing and to create the life that we desire! I can not thank Marysia enough!
— Kelly Kensworthy

I have had the pleasure of attending one of Marysia’s plant medicine workshops where we got introduced to and also tasted four different teas made from the medicinal plants. We sat in circle and had a sensory experience connecting with each individual plant. It was really powerful and informative. I believe and have experienced the effects of these powerful living creations and I love diving deeper into the wisdom. I would highly recommend checking out one of Marysia’s workshops. She is a lot of fun to be around and shares her knowledge in a light and effective way. I have adopted the practices she has shared into my everyday and am super grateful for all of it.
— Brookelin Gottlieb