Gaia Courses in California

Marysia Miernowska apprenticed with Sage Maurer in Vermont and has been practicing sacred plant medicine ever since. In 2014 Marysia Miernowska began teaching for The Gaia School of Healing in Southern California year round, offering our Year One Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeships. Marysia's calling is to support her students and community in deepening their connection to the plant spirits, ancestors, the Earth, and the wise healers within themselves.


Our Sacred Plant Medicine Apprenticeships focus on working with plants as medicine for the body and spirit, remembering and honoring ancient traditions of folk plant medicine. In our courses we partner with plants as conscious beings, relearning and recognizing traditions of herbal medicine that have been kept alive by families and rural communities around the world. We focus on local Northeastern American plants as well as some plants that have long traditions of use medicinally and spiritually in other parts of the world. Plant harvesting will mostly center around local natives and naturalized plants of New England. Plants of Europe, Central and South America, Polynesia, Ayurveda, and Chinese herbal medicine are also worked with throughout the course. Students are able to harvest an abundance of medicinal plants, herb seeds, and wild foods from the Gaia School gardens for their own personal use and learning at home.

Certification for the 140 hour course in sacred plant medicine and holistic healing will be given upon completion of each apprenticeship. Students combine herbal medicine with many other healing modalities and often go on to incorporate plant medicine into their careers in many different ways - growing plants, medicine making, teaching, opening a healing practice, working with friends and family, and using plant medicine to benefit social, environmental, and collective change.



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